Cristiano Ronaldo unsuccessful in legal bid to dismiss lawsuit brought by rape accuser

Cristiano Ronaldo has lost a legal bid aimed at dismissing a federal lawsuit brought against him by a Nevada woman who alleges that the Juventus and Portugal star raped her at a Las Vegas hotel a decade ago.

Larissa Drohobyczer, a lawyer representing Ronaldo’s accuser Kathryn Mayorga, announced that she was satisfied with Judge Jennifer Dorsey’s ruling in the case. Peter Christiansen, Ronaldo’s legal representative, declined to issue a statement.

It was revealed last month that Ronaldo will be compelled to answer criminal charges related to the incident, which his lawyers state was entirely consensual.

Mayorga is seeking $200,000 (€180,000) in damages, alleging that Ronaldo – or people working for him – allowed information related to a ‘hush money’ settlement, which paid her $375,000 (€337,500), to become public knowledge.

Ronaldo’s legal team argued unsuccessfully that releasing court records related to the matter would have “weaponized the allegations in this case,” as well as cause damage to Ronaldo’s reputation and place his promotional endorsement contracts at risk.

“The cat is already out of the bag about Mayorga’s allegations,” Judge Dorsey wrote in her conclusion.

“I’m not satisfied that Ronaldo’s interest in holding Mayorga to her agreement is enough to justify sealing the entire record in this case.”

However, Judge Dorsey also ruled that terms of the settlement agreed by the parties in 2010 will remain private and confidential, determining that “… the documents themselves and direct quotes from any of them will remain sealed.”

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