Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman is Bringing Cryptos to Masses With CoinBits

Erik Finman became a millionaire well before he was out of his teenage courtesy bitcoin (BTC). Later, the same Erik Finman pronounced Bitcoin dead. In all fairness, it was in the mid of a terrible bear market, which affected all major tokens, downing their value by almost 90 percent. Now, the bitcoin millionaire Finman, recently launched a new investing platform, CoinBits with an aim to bring crypto to the masses.

The 20-year-old high school dropout has full confidence in his new crypto endeavor, projecting that he’ll be able to get one million customers onboard within 12 months, which he believes to be a realistic goal. He even purportedly claimed that his platform is superior as compared to its rivals like Coinbase, because of its user-friendliness.

It seems that bitcoin has managed to regain the trust of Finman, mostly because of crypto adoption from big names in the industry like the social media giant, the cell-phone behemoth Samsung and media and telecom group AT&T. According to reports, Finman believes that 2019 is the 2017 for bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and that bitcoin can remain the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, in his opinion, if it manages to solve its main issues.

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